Mammatus is a full-service, software development company that can help you succeed on your next project.

Mammatus provides systems integration, consulting and mentoring services serving San Francisco and Silicon Valley companies with a primary focus on NoSQL, Cloud, Java EE training and consulting.

Our objectives are not for your company to hire more and more consultants. Although we are a consulting firm, our focus is on building your team through mentoring and training. Our experienced consultants mentor your team to have the skills to be successful and make our consultants and services obsolete. This is called mentoring. We can put members on your team "who have been there and done that" with Java EE, NoSQL and cloud computing.

In addition to consulting and mentoring, Mammatus provides training with EC2, NoSQL and Java EE.

Top-notch, Experienced Trainers
Our trainers and mentors are real world developers. They can help you deliver your next project in a timely fashion. Our trainers are experienced developers who have worked with the technologies and have real-world experience. These trainers can later work with your team as a mentors and consultants saving you valuable ramp up time because they have "been there and done that before". We write our own lab-centric courseware.

Contact us today for help implementing EC2, Java EE or Mongo DB: 415-968-9037.


Mammatus Inc. is a training and consulting company which specializes in cloud computing, NoSQL, Spring Framework and Java EE.


Mammatus provides consulting, training, courseware licensing and mentoring services.

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